Meet the Team

Joynus Culture

Dear You,

Hey there I’m Eric, the President of Joynus. The title “President” neither gives me superiority nor put others in inferiority. All it entails is that I have more experience, possibly not all of you, in finding out what future Joyners like doing the best and their potentials and growth in Joynus. I’m honored to introduce our Joyners who have come to join-us!

Team Joynus

Each and every member of Joynus succeeds superb, not solely because they are talented. It’s because we support others to succeed. Here’s a team of true supporters.

  • Brenda Alaniz
  • Robert Boykin
  • Cynthia Arce
  • Ryan Cho
  • Josefina Trejo
  • Jaewan Goh
  • Steven Thigpen
  • Aiden Lee
  • Jeanette Hash
  • Eric Lee
  • Tony Moore
  • Stella Lee
  • Chisung Lee
  • Jessica Buckingham
  • Ian Lee
  • Monica Luna
  • Jake Kim
  • Katie Moore
  • Olivia Park
  • Kimberly Poole
  • Mark Park
  • Stephanie Grado
  • Micaela Varela
  • Ariana Jaenisch
  • Sean Park
  • Cora Marsh
  • Quanicholas Taylor
  • Jeffery Stanton

Core Beliefs

right people
Right People

Hiring the right people takes time, the right questions, and a level of intellectual curiosity. What is the most important factor when building your team? For us, it's their personality.

right people
Be Open-minded

We’re only a blind man unless we are open to challenges, changes, and revolutions. We scrub our assumptions once in a while to let the light come in.

right people
Act Smart

We don’t think we’re the smartest in the industry. But, sometimes when we find ourselves that we have made a smart move, we think twice to be smarter.