7 Tips for Managing Part-Time Employees


A growing segment of the workforce now seeks out part-time positions on purpose. Some people need more flexibility to manage things in their personal lives. Others work in lucrative fields, such as programming, who don't need a full-time position to support their lifestyle. While hiring these part-time employees can prove beneficial for your business, it's important to manage them properly. Keep reading for some tips to keep these employees happy and on-board. 

Pin Down the Job Description 

A good way to lose part-time employees is to hand them whatever scut work no one else wants. Skilled part-timers will tire of this situation quickly and search for greener pastures. Decide in advance what work part-time employees will do and how many hours a week they'll do it. Put those specifics in the job description. 

Don't Underequip Them 

Since your total investment in part-time employees is lower, it's easy to see them as replaceable. Not providing the full range of tools necessary to complete tasks becomes easy once you fall into that mindset. Equip your part-timers the same way you would equip any full-time employee, and you'll see better results. 

Involve Them 

Just because Janet is only in the office three days per week, it doesn't mean she's disinterested in the big picture. Make sure your part-time employees, especially ones who make important decisions, find a seat in key meetings and strategy sessions.  

Offer Benefits 

A chillingly low percentage of part-time workers have access to standard medical, dental, or retirement benefits through their employers. It's vital to make these options available to your part-time workforce on a voluntary basis. While many won't take advantage, the people who really need those benefits will. 


Your part-time employees want clear communication as much as your full-time employees and probably need it even more. Develop a habit of communicating important developments via email, phone calls, or in-house chat software.  

Consider Them for Promotions 

Your best option for an open position might very well be that part-timer with natural leadership abilities and vast experience. Leave the door open or actively encourage part-timers to apply for higher positions if you can keep the position flexible. 

Keep Things Legal 

Get clear on the relevant state and federal laws that apply to your part-time employees. For example, most states set rules that determine breaks and time off allocations for part-time employees. 

Part-Time Employees can Be a Boost if You Let Them 

Part-time employees can provide you with a boost to your employee base that costs less. At the same time, they often bring years of experience and valuable skills with them. If you manage them the right way, you can reap serious benefits from having them on your team. 

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