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Warehouse Job Descriptions

June 18, 2019

What does a warehouse do?

A warehouse is storage. It uses motorized equipment and hand tools to move manufactured goods from production areas, loading docks, and delivery vehicles. Warehouse house workers may use hand tools and forklifts. Warehouse work includes receiving and processing new shipments. Storing and distributing is organized. Larger warehouses use RFID to keep track of shipments. 

What are some warehouse job titles?

  • General Labor
  • Receiver
  • Loader
  • Forklift Operator
  • Material Handler
  • Shipping and Receiving Specialist
  • Warehouse Clerk

What is the warehouse job requirement?

Depending on...

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June 12, 2019


Average (Performance + Productivity + Job Fit + Values Fit) = Quality of Hire

Businesses score candidates for hiring decisions. This is a metric. Every business defines the quality of hire differently because each company has its own unique ways of measuring performance. Identifying your company's list of most valued characteristics in a new hire is the first step. For example, many organizations score employees based on productivity, engagement, and adherence to company values. You might want to look at characteristics such as performance, productivity, job fit, and value fit. Whatever your list is, it's recommended that you don't use any more than five metrics in your...

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Culture FIT or Culture ADD in the World of Hiring

June 07, 2019

I recently went to a hiring seminar sponsored by a Fortune 500 company. The presenters were great, they were very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to answer every question. The food was catered and well presented. The list of activities kept all the visiting participants engaged, the entire event was really was well thought out and perfectly executed. I thought, dang that's how it's done! We all had a great time, and it was a long drive back to the office. All I could think of was, they are big, they sell a lot of products, and they have been very successful. Even thinking if I was in that industry it would be a dream to work for them. But could my views and personality fit their office/work culture? Maybe, but...

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Compensation and FLSA

June 07, 2019

Compensation to employees is not as simple as you might think. Improper payment and other violations and constantly flagged by U.S. Wage and Hour Division such as minimum wage, recordkeeping requirements, youth employment, overtime, determination of employee status.

On top of that, cities, counties, states may have different minimum wages and compensation laws.


How do you know whether to go by state or federal regulations?
If both federal and state minimum wage regulations apply to an employee, the higher wage prevails

If a person works 40 hours and 5 minutes, am I required to pay overtime for the...

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June 07, 2019

A forklift can cause catastrophic damage to the employer whether it is physical injury or loss of goods.

Just see how devastating it can be. 

Emphasize before operating the forklift

  • Current employer training and certification is required.
  • Complete the pre-operational checklist.
  • Know your travel route.
  • Drive with loads down.